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Welcome to Darwin Waterfront Warriors Paddlers Club

We are an enthusiastic dragon boat club catering for both the competitive paddler and the social paddler. We welcome anyone of any level of fitness, age or gender to come and try Dragon Boating.


Our training sessions on Tuesdays and Sundays focus on technique so this is an ideal session for newcomers to attend.

Dragon Boat Introductory Program [6 Weeks]

Ideal for anyone of any fitness level. Program includes a personal mentor to keep you motivated and is a great social environment to increase your fitness. Details in our Events page or on our Facebook page.

Paddlers on a Mission

Our club is enthusiastically supportive of  Paddlers on a Mission (formally known as Dragons Abreast NT), sharing the same training shed and equipment.

About Dragon Boating

Dragon Boat Racing is one of the world's fastest growing sports. It is the ultimate team sport with no individual heroes. Each paddler's contribution is essential which constantly encourages you to exceed your own limits and expectations.  This fosters a strong bond between members which understandably creates a high-spirited team sport.

Dragon boating offers a great upper body workout and the paddling motion involves the legs and stomach.  Core strength is important as the core abdominal muscles do most of the work.

Benefits include strength, flexibility, endurance and improved mental clarity.

No experience is required and the sport is equally suitable for males and females and can commence at  any level of fitness.

Dragon Boat Racing is the oldest continually raced sport in the world which dates back to the 4th century BC in China.  Today's fiberglass boats are just over 12m long and weigh about 225kg.  Crews consist of  20-22 paddlers sitting side-by-side on 10 benches, a "sweep" standing  at the back of the boat steering and giving instructions and a drummer sitting at the front assisting with the timing of the paddling.  Standard races are 500m, sprints are usually 200m and the longer races can be 2,000m or more.